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I was tagged by datdespi and forgot about it for a while...anyways. Lets get on to the tag because its 1:13 am and I am tired :'D
1)What's your most embarrassing moment?(be honest (´つヮ⊂))
Hmm, i havent had that many tbh. One tho was when i wad really little and this bee landed on me when me and my dad were at the pool. Another kid pointed and laughed at me which is when i then noticed it. Being the baby i freaked out like a maniac and ran towards my dad like i was running away from some kidnapper or whatever. After he flicked it off, i felt so embarrassed that I just left the pool and went home after. Ive grown out of being scared of bees tho XD
2)Can you whistle?
Yeah, but I dont often so I cant whistle good
3)Do you play any sports?
No, Im not the sporty type.
4)What's your fav video game?
Either OneShot or Final Fantasy XD
5)Who inspired you to draw the most?
I have a few people, a main person being PrettyXTheXArtist, and others being milieus, random-regenki, and especially Larienne. But i had this friend in 4th grade who could draw such realistic animals that she also was a big inspiration.
6)Why did you create a deviantart account?
Because I thought 2 years ago that for some reason people might like my art. What a stupid thought XD I felt like couldnt just abandon the account though
7)What's your hair color?
8)Can you spell supercalifragilisticexpialidocious? (Without looking lol)
Probably not
9)How many boxes of Tem flakes can Tem buy? (・∀・)
10)How many petals does Flowey have?
11)If i asked you to do a collab or art trade would you say yes?(be honest)
Yeah, sure. Would u tolerate with my cringy art is the real question tho
12)Are u a dog person or a cat person? Or are you a goat person?Ꮚ•ꈊ•Ꮚ
All of the above >:3
13)What's your fav emoji?
13.5)Did u copy and paste this....? ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
Dang. I didnt intend for this to be so long XD Im sorry. Anyway my questions are....

2) If you could take any trip to any place, where would it be?
3) Do you play Animal Crossing (and if not you totally should •o•)
4) How much wood could a woodchuck chuck if a woodchuck could chuck wood?
5) Dog or cat
6) Ey.. art trade? :D (just kidding, unless you want to do a trade)
7) If I was hanging off a cliff, what would you do?
8)What other hobbies do u have besides the one on DA?
9)Chocolate or vanilla? Or neither?
10) Youre cool beans if I tagged you :D(although im not a popular person or da cool beans and just wanted to say that to make people feel nice ;-;. But still :D)
11) Do you like sweets?
12) Introvert, Extrovert, or Ambivert?
13) Do you have any pets. If not then whats ur favorite animal?
I tag
GiftedLotus268 (because my part of our original trade is really late i shall make a gift for you to post with it >:3)
Alright im going to sleep now and sorry if u didnt eant to be tagged XD..
I went with it. There not really all that interesting but, this is all I can get done for now...plz wait for more

Unicorn: 10 points
Wolf: 10 points
Welp im not gonna completely abandon this account so ye...
Don't worry I'll be here XD
Anyways do u guys want me to open adopts? 10 points for each adopt? Lemme know because I have a few designs ready as just side ideas. ^w^

(Other account)
Sylleblossom (but there are no posts yet on there so... XD)
.....My final and new account is Sylleblossom
I'm sorry
That's it XD
Go there now


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Name: None of your business >:3
Artist | Hobbyist | Traditional Art
United States
Profile art by Ranpuru (yes check her out. plz, she's amazing X3.)

Oh, hi there! I'm Littlewolf and this is my small part of DA. Now unless you're a person I would know irl I'm not going to give out my name and age to u because that would be stupid. I mean yeah at times I like not using my brain but that's private info. Also,...I'm not really a person to say no to something like an art trade so if you wanna trade just ask! I'm a pretty chill person, so I'm cool with chatting and random stuff. The only things I'm not chill with is cursing and inappropriate stuffs. Criticism I'm also fine with but if its anything like threats or racism to me/others, you and I are gonna have some serious problems. Okie? Bai


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